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 GENG Yucong,GAO Xuemin,LI Shifeng,et al.The Expression and Pathological Significances ofAc-α-Tub in Lung, Liver and Renal Fibrosis[J].Journal of Fujian Medical University,2016,50(04):232-236.





The Expression and Pathological Significances ofAc-α-Tub in Lung, Liver and Renal Fibrosis
耿玉聪1 高学敏1 李世峰1 徐丁洁2 徐 洪1 杨 方1
华北理工大学,唐山 063000 1. 医学实验研究中心;
2. 医学中医学院
GENG Yucong1 GAO Xuemin1 LI Shifeng1 XU Dingjie2 XU Hong1 YANG Fang1
1. Medical Research Center;
2. College of Chinese Traditional Medicine,North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan 063000, China
微管蛋白 乙酰化作用 纤维化 免疫组织化学 染色与标记
tubulin acetylation fibrosis immunohistochemistry staining and labeling
R135.2; R693.2
目的 研究乙酰化微管蛋白α(Ac-α-Tub)在动式染尘矽肺大鼠肺纤维化模型、单侧输尿管结扎(UUO)肾纤维化模型和硫代乙酰胺(TAA)致肝纤维化模型中的表达及其病理意义。 方法 采用动式染尘构建矽肺大鼠模型,采用UUO构建肾纤维化模型,采用TAA构建肝纤维化模型。采用免疫组织化学染色观察Ac-α-Tub及波形蛋白(vimentin)在组织中的差异表达,采用HistoQurst图像分析软件对免疫组织化学结果进行分析。 结果 随着染尘时间的延长,vimentin的阳性表达率明显上调,而Ac-α-Tub的阳性表达率明显下调; 在肝、肾纤维化中,随着造模时间的延长,vimentin和Ac-α-Tub的阳性表达率均明显上调。 结论 Ac-α-Tub在肺、肝和肾纤维化中阳性细胞的定位及临床病理意义均具有差异,其缺失表达可能提示肺纤维化进展,而在肝、肾纤维化过程中则可能起到相反作用。
Objective To observe the expression and pathological significance of acetylated α-tubulin(Ac-α-Tub)in rats with silicosis, unilateral ureteral obstruction(UUO)and thioacetamide(TAA). Methods Silicosis model was established with inhalation of d SiO2 in a dynamic manner. Renal fibrosis model was established by UUO. Hepatic fibrosis model was established by TAA intraperitoneal injection. The expression of Ac-α-Tub and vimentin were measured by immunohistochemistry staining and analyzed by HistoQurst software. Results With the time of dust exposure extended, the positive rate of vimentin was increased accompanying a down-regulation of Ac-α-Tub. In the renal and hepatic fibrosis, the positive rate of Ac-α-Tub and vimentin was all increased with the extension of the time of models creation. Conclusion There is a differential expression of Ac-α-Tub and pathological significance in lung, renal and hepatic fibrosis. The down-expression of Ac-α-Tub in silicosis, and up-expression of it in UUO and TAA in rats.


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 ZHANG Hui,XU Dingjie,MAO Na,et al.The Mechanism of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Silicosis Regulated by Loss Expression of Acetylated Tubulin α[J].Journal of Fujian Medical University,2018,52(04):229.


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